You'll never have to worry about deadlinks
or change URLs again!

What is a sticky link?

it is a static link that points to another link.... huh?

example:   Points to a document --->

if the document URL changes for any reason, simply change the pointer of your sticky link to the new URL   Now points to --->

and it's Free

Use Cases

Here are some of the use cases for a sticky link

QR Codes

Point your QR codes to a sticky link and you will never have to worry about a shared QR code that points to a dead link or old URL

Meetings & Events

Now you can use a single sticky link for all upcoming events. The tickets page for example may be different for each upcoming concert event


Use sticky links to add to your articles and never have to worry about re-editing your articles again because of changed URLs

Products Manuals

Most products come with printed manuals.  Having dead links in printed documents is inconvenient.  Use a sticky link instead


Inspect the source code of any website and you will find many URLs to external javascript and CSS.  This is a good use for sticky links

Email Address (coming soon)

Sticky email address that you can point to any other email address, and change it when you like